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Actuarial services in Employee Benefits

An IORP* or group insurance ? A collective scheme or an individual pension commitment ? A ‘defined contribution’, ‘defined benefits’ or ‘cash balance’ plan ? Branch 21, 23... ? The best solution for death and invalidity cover ? The most suitable hospitalisation scheme ? The best partner for implementing a pension scheme ?

These are just a few of the important decisions that you should take initially.


What can EMFEA Consulting do for you ?


Our specialists will show you the way with independent advice based on actuarial studies.
Keeping costs under control is an absolute requirement for you !


In concrete terms, we can help implement a pension scheme in all its various aspects,
such as :


  • the design of the plan,

  • the method of its financing,

  • selecting the right financial institution,

  • selecting the right provider.


We will also help you in presenting the plan to the works council and the employees.
We always look for the most suitable solution, taking into account your wishes and
budget, as well as the needs of your employees. And of course, the current situation
of your company (restructuring, merger, split-up, etc.) is also a determining factor.
* IORP = Institution for Occupational RetirementProvision

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