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Advice on setting up a sectorial supplementary pension

The democratisation of the second pension pillar has undergone considerable acceleration since the law on
supplementary pensions of the 28th of April 2003 officially opened the way to pension schemes at sectorial level.

During negotiations on this matter with the Joint Works Council it is important to know what is possible and
what is not. This specific form of pension scheme is indeed still in the process of development.


EMFEA Consulting will advise you on the crucial choices to be made

A number of decisions which will be difficult to reverse must be taken at the start. What form of management
will the supplementary pension take ? How will the capital be built up ? Who is responsible for the organisation ? Will it be a social scheme or an ordinary pension scheme ? What cover will best meet the requirements of your sector with regard to health care ? We can advise you on any of these and other questions.

EMFEA Consulting will organise the scheme

We can help you to select the best solution, taking account of the structure and financial possibilities
of your sector. But our work also includes :

  • drawing up clear and correct Collective Labour Agreement formulations, customised to the sector and its wishes,

  • composing watertight regulations,

  • tracing out data-flows,

  • keeping a close eye on daily operations: going from the proper treatment of personal information and

  • resources to safe payment procedures and optimum protection against misuse.


EMFEA Consulting will provide information

We will provide accessible pension benefit statements and documents. Our consultants will present the salient
details of the supplementary pension to the employers and the employees… in clear and unambiguous language.

EMFEA Consulting will provide after-care service

The world of supplementary pensions is constantly on the move. Choices from the past will not always be
the best for ever. Our specialists keep a close watch on the legislation. They will inform you about the
changes, clarify the consequences and advise you on the right path to follow.

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